Become an agent of change with a solid professional preparation

UPAEP's Transformative Leadership originates in the University's foundational Identity, directing daily activities to achieve its mission. This approach is composed of three essential principles:

  • Dedicated to the promotion of the Common Good.
  • Motivated by a spirit of transformation of social realities.
  • Characterised by a high level of professional preparation, a humanistic sense and a service attitude.

Leadership and Student Life

Live meaningful experiences that foster transformative leadership and character formation, facing today's challenges to build the common good.

Seek to unleash your talents to the fullest!

Academic references

We offer training courses dedicated to the references, principles and dynamics that every UPAEP leader must understand and apply.

Student life

Enjoy the dynamics that will develop your skills according to your interests and purposes, live from:

  • Student groups
  • The student council
  • Group leaders

Meaningful Experiences

These are relevant and transcendent learning activities that generate knowledge and experiences.

UPAEP Disruption and Social Innovation (DIS)

Discover community projects, meet committed civil organisations and connect with visionary social entrepreneurs.

Service-Learning (SL) Projects

You will apply your talents and learning to the service of others, facing the different realities of a community.

Creativity, Activity and Service Projects (CAS)

From the first semester, contribute your creativity to actions that benefit a community.

Volunteering and campaigns for the benefit of the community (Teleton, Food Bank and Red Cross).

You can listen to life stories.

ALTUM Leadership Academy

Practice all the knowledge and experience acquired through social transformation projects aimed at promoting the common good.

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