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Lardizabal 3-01 Col Purísima, San Martín Texmelucan Puebla

Ingrid Pérez González


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09:00 a 06:00 pm


Mtro. Miguel Morales Islas

The life of man takes its way day by day, forming in the daily life and in the infinity of options that are presented to him: the family, the school, the society, the Church. We are accompanied by our baggage of skills and we direct our steps towards the path of lessons and experiences that shape us to face the challenges presented by a world that asks for good answers and excellent solutions.

In this year 2013, where we will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the founding of our beloved University, we want to continue living the values ​​with which it was created and that not only refer to educational quality, which throughout the years UPAEP has known how to transmit, but also to those who "strengthen the Humanist and cultural vision ..." All this with the aim of continuing to fully train more people through the discovery and recognition of Good, Truth and Beauty. < br /> We have also been proposed this year, a special time to accept the light of Faith, a time to know its advantages and benefits, a period to exercise it with Hope and Love. Having Faith is not just the adornment of a rite, but a testimony of life that infects others to live with your feet on the ground, but with your soul placed in heaven ... Who dares to live an experience where Faith is the teacher, where light invites you to abandon you in the One who is my life isma? Only Faith is capable of transforming the journey into an enriching and transcendent experience, only in this way the journey is more agile.

Only a simple heart is capable of recognizing that it needs that light for the journey; The reward is great, but it demands a gradual and progressive surrender, a "Yes" for each step taken in favor of those around us and ourselves. And so it is, that path must be shared with others.

With these challenges and commitments, the UPAEP San Martín el Pilar High School aims to fulfill the institutional mission of "Create currents of thought and train leaders that transform society" but requires the effort, dedication and work of all that we make up this educational community and to which we are invited to transcend in history.

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Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
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